Acer Compatible charger 19v 4.74A 5.5x1.7 90w(ACE003-1)


This A000001200 AC adapter is easy to carry and can be used just as easily at home, in the office or when traveling. 65W Adapter / Charger for GATEWAY PA-1650-02 laptops


  • Internal safety devices against electrical risks.
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Durable sealed case for moisture protection.
  • Overload, rapid discharge, discharge below the critical threshold, etc.
  • Durable sealed enclosure for moisture protection.
  • Will this ACER A000001200 charger work with my laptop?

  • The output voltage is +/- 5% of that of the old charger. For example, if your old charger provided 19.5V, then you could use a charger that provided 20.5V or 18.5V.
  • The output current is the same or higher than your old ACER A000001200 charger. For example, if your original AC adapter provided 3.42 Amps, then you could use a charger that provided 3.42 Amps, 3.9 Amps or more.
  • Avoid collision and pressure between ACER A000001200 batteries.
  • The connector should have minimal play when plugged into your laptop.
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