Disposable Non Surgical /Medical Face Mask 3-Ply Breathable - Blue

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Disposable Non Surgical /Medical Face Mask 3-Ply Breathable - Blue

ONE SIZE FITS ALL. This face mask is ideal for both men & women. The ear loops provide great support which makes it suitable for cycling, running, travel or daily use.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE - Our breathable face masks feature a 3-ply polypropylene construction, minimising the possibility of infection. The pliable nose piece ensures there are no gaps between your face and the mask for a better fit.

SUITABLE FOR PERSONAL USE, NAIL TECHNICIANS AND MORE - Masks are an effective way to stay protected when on the go.

DISPOSABLE LATEX FREE MASK - Avoid touching the mask while using. Replace mask with a new one as soon as it is damped do not re-use single-use masks. Remove mask from ear loops, discard immediately in a closed bin.

50 / 100 / PACK FACE MASKS - The masks come sealed in a polybag to ensure they are kept safe from contamination.

The masks will be delivered in a retail box (box may vary)

Each pack contains 50 blue non medical face masks that are to be used to cover the nose and mouth in order to minimise the transaction of cross-infection for in food preparation and other clean or sensitive environments such as beauty salons. The masks feature 3 layers of material.

Ideal for general use including; dog walking, exercising, driving and supermarket shopping to help prevent bad bacteria entering the mouth and the surrounding area.

The non medical mask is easy and comfortable to wear, featuring an ear loop design to ensure it fits all faces with ease. The mask features 3 layers of material, intending to cover the nose and mouth in order to minimise the transaction of cross-infection.

When someone talks, sneezes or coughs they can release tiny droplets into the air that can infect other people. If an infected person wears a face mask, it can help to reduce the number of germs that they release, which can then help to protect other people. Disposable masks can be used to prevent harmful airborne substances from entering the body through the mouth and nose and also to prevent germs being spread by the wearer.

The masks can be used in the below circumstances:

  • In healthcare to protect from germs and infection
  • Personal use to prevent spread of infection from yourself and for protection from other people's germs
  • To prevent cross-infection in everyday use, beauty salons and in food preparation environments

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