HP Compatible charger 19.5V 2.31A 4.5x3.0(H007)


PC Power Adapter 90W for HP Chromebook 14 Pavilion x360 Envy x2 Envy x360 Pavilion x360 13 HP Compaq 15 Pavilion 14 AC Input: 100 ~ 240V 50~ 60Hz,DC Output: 19.5V 4.62A Connector: 4.5mm * 3.0mm This power adapter can be compatible with 65w This adaptor can be used to replace your old adaptor or can be kept at home or in your office as a spare adaptor so you never have to worry about losing power when you need it!

Frequency range: 50 Hz - 60 Hz

Laptop power adapter for HP Chromebook 14-q000 14-q001 14-q002 14-q003 14-q004 14-q005 14-q010 14-q011 14-q012 14-q013 14-q014 14-q015 14-q020 14-q021 14-q022 14-q030 14-q031 14-q032 14-q033 14-q050 14-q051 14-q052 14-q053 14-q055 14-q063 14-q070 14-q072 14-q073 14-q075 Pavilion x360 11-k001 11-k002 11-k003 11-k004 11-k005 11-k006 11-k007 11-k008 11-k009 11-k010 11-k011 11-k012 11-k013 11-k014 11-k015 11-k016 11-k017 11-k018 11-k019 11-k020 11-k021 11-k022 11-k023 11-k024 11-k025 11-k026

for HP Pavilion x360 11-k027 11-k028 11-k029 11-k030 11-k031 11-k032 11-k033 11-k034 11-k035 11-k036 11-k037 11-k038 11-k039 11-k040 11-k041 11-k042 11-k043 11-k044 11-k045 11-k046 11-k047 11-k048 11-k049 11-k050 11-k051 11-k052 11-k053 11-k054 11-k055 11-k056 11-k057 11-k058 11-k059 11-k061 11-k062 11-k063 11-k064 11-k099 11-k100 11-k101 11-k102 11-k103 11-u000 11-u001 11-u002 11-u004 11-u101 11-u102 11-u103 11-u107 11-u108 11-u109 11-u110 11-u111 11-u112 11-u113

for HP Envy x2 15-c000 15-c001 15-c010 15-c011 15-c017 15-c020 15-c021 15-c029 15-c050 15-c051 15-c098 15-c101 Envy x360 15-aq101 15-aq102 15-aq103 15-aq104 15-aq105 15-aq106 15-w000 15-w001 15-w002 15-w003 15-w005 15-w007 15-w008 15-w009 15-w010 15-w030 15-w050 15-w051 15-w054 15-w056 15-w060 15-w070 15-w072 15-w080 15-w090 15-w092 15-w100 15-w101 15-w102 15-w103 15-w104 15-w105 15-w106 15-w107 15-w110 15-w113 15-w150 15-w151 15-w152 15-w154 15-w155 15-w158 15-w160 15-w172 15-w190 15-w191

for HP Envy x360 15-w192 15-w199 m6-aq003 m6-aq005 m6-w010 m6-w011 m6-w014 m6-w015 m6-w101 m6-w102 m6-w103 m6-w105 Pavilion x360 13-a000 13-a100 13-a150 13-a173 13-a200 13-a317 13-s000 13-s001 13-s002 13-s003 13-s004 13-s005 13-s006 13-s007 13-s008 13-s010 13-s011 13-s012 13-s013 13-s014 13-s020 13-s021 13-s025 13-s030 13-s031 13-s035 13-s036 13-s040 13-s050 13-s054 13-s056 13-s058 13-s060 13-s061 13-s069 13-s083 13-s084 13-s099 13-s101 13-s130 13-s131 13-s184 13-u001 13-u002 13-u003 13-u102

for HP Pavilion x360 13-u103 13-u104 13-u105 HP Compaq 15-h000 15-h001 15-h002 15-h003 15-h004 15-h005 15-h006 15-h007 15-h008 15-h010 15-h011 15-h013 15-h014 15-h015 15-h019 15-h020 15-h023 15-h024 15-h030 15-h033 15-h038 15-h039 15-h040 15-h041 15-h049 15-h050 15-h051 15-h052 15-h053 15-h054 15-h055 15-h056 15-h057 15-h059 15-h060 15-h080 15-h090 15-h092 15-h093 15-h099 15-h201 15-h202 15-h203 15-h206

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