Ice Self Adhesive Gloss 130gsm A4 (25sheets)

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A high quality instant dry, ultra sharp, gloss photo paper with Self Adhesive backing. The ultra smooth finish is due to fine particles formulated with AAA grade cast coating technology, that give excellent results every time. No bleeding, strong vivid colours with ultra vibrant colour reproduction ensuring your images look as good as you want them to look.

  • Adhesive backed
  • The coating has instant dry properties and water resistant properties.
  • Professional results on all models of inkjet printers and at a very attractive price.
  • Ultra fine particle, high 'AAA' grade cast coating technology (Pro-Quality)
  • Ultra-smooth coated surfaces
  • Printable resolutions up to 5760dpi
  • Water-proof coating technology, with advanced ink stabilising properties
  • Ultra-instant ('Instant-dry')
  • Ultra-sharp / vibrant colour reproduction •`Long-Life' image / picture stability technology
  • Highly durable 'scratch-resistant' surface coating
  • Above 90% Whiteness on all gloss coated surfaces
  • Above 80% Gloss levels on all gloss coated surfaces
  • 100% compatible on all brands of IJ printer
  • Printing Settings
  • Epson
  • Quality: Good image
  • Printing: Epson high quality glossy paper
  • Colour control: Gamma=1.8
  • Canon
  • Quality: High
  • Printing: Professional photo paper
  • Colour chroma: Auto
  • HP
  • Quality : The best
  • Printing: HP advanced photo paper

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