Non-Medical KN95 Face Mask

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Non-Medical KN95 Face Mask


  • KN95 face mask coverings.
  • 4 Layer with a blown melt non-woven filtration layer. (Same technology as Surgical Masks)
  • CNAS Tested (A properly government accredited laboratory) - Report below.
  • Hygienically - individually sealed and wrapped.
  • 4 Layer with a blown melt non-woven filtration layer.
  • Soft and comfortable non-woven inner.
  • These masks are very durable when compared to the traditional rectangle ear looped mask.
  • 3D Folding Face Mask Design.
  • The 3D Design structure makes for a very comfortable fit, with the mask held slightly away from the mouth to allow more comfortable breathing and speaking.
  • The design folds flat for hygiene and easy travel storage purposes.
  • This product is a great choice for following the government's advice for non-medical face coverings in certain shops, general workplace protection and public transport etc. This allows certified respirators and devices to be reserved for the front line.
  • We offer these to staff in our own warehouse as part of social distancing measures - they are by far the most popular chosen type.
  • CHINA GB2626-2006 KN95 is a Chinese respirator standard – This is a regulated standard within China for a filtering effect of 95% minimum (according to Accredited Chinese Testing Labs). The KN95 standard is not officially recognised in the UK.

These masks are classed as non-medical.

Not intended for use in a medical or dental environment - Not intended for use in the diagnosis of a disease or other conditions or in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. Not intended for Construction.

High-quality production factory:

  • ISO 9001
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certificated Factory - Chinese Standard.
  • 10,000m2 Production Facilities
  • Integrated Quality Control Centre
  • Clean Room Production
  • These masks are not designed to be washed

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