Traxdata Ritek 16x DVD-R White Full Inkjet Printable. Ink dries faster Brilliant and brighter colours Enhance deep tones Superior Ink Absortion Ritek has manufactured DVD-R 16X with the latest DVD manufacturing technology. Branded as TRAXDATA. The DVD-R are made with high-quality organic dye recording layer materials to ensure reliable recording and playback function. The disc has a recording capacity of 4.7GB and features write-once digital versatile disc, massive data storage and retrieval, high capacity and data transfer rates, high storage density and long-term data archiving.

Traxdata 16x Wide Inkjet Printable Blank DVD-R was designed to meet the needs of users who demand a faster speed media. These are great quality, reliable discs and are one of the most popular discs on the market.

DVD-R Full face white inkjet printable Packed in a shrink stack of 50 Capacity 4.7. Ring width 22 mm. Diameter 118 mm. Speed 16x

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