Genius Wireless Smart Keyboard and Mouse Combo [KM8200] - Multimedia Keyboard and Precision Mouse Set


Genius Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse Combo KM8200 is your personal assistant, featured by premium quality with stylush fashionable hairline design. With SmartGenius supported, you can easily type less but do more. Turn F1 ~F12 to anything what you want to do with. Automatic set relevant profile when app is run. Plug & Play without pairing.

  • It’s RICH: The more applications you use, the more function keys it delivers. So basically you get a keyboard with more keys than you bought!
  • It’s PERSONAL: There are 12 unique function keys that can be customized and personalized for EACH application.
  • It’s FAST: you can customized each function key to carry out multiple tasks in sequence with a single keystroke.
  • It’s SMART: When you switch applications, those application specific function keys will automatically be mapped & activated.
  • It’s SIMPLE: There is a graphical tool to help you setup the mapping, and a virtual display panel to assist you in case you forget which key is mapped to what!

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