Epson Compatible Cartridges Replacement T0481-T0486 (T0487) Ink


Stylus Photo: R200 RX600 / R300 / RX500 / R320 / RX620 / RX300 / R300M / R340 / R220 / RX640 / R330

PROFESSIONAL PRINT QUALITY - Epson Compatible Replacement T0481-T0486 Ink Cartridges with ink and chips offer professional quality prints that can be used to produce high quality documents and photographs alike. Our inks are formulated to ensure Vivid Colors. Crystal Clear printing for daily use such as school, office work, and home printing.

INK VOLUME: High Capacity 18ML for per 0481 Black, 18ML for per 482 Cyan, 483 Magenta, 484 Yellow, 485 Light Cyan, 486 Light Magenta.

Our promise to provide cartridges that are 100% compatible with your Epson printer while providing you sharp, crisp prints every time. We have over 20 years experience supplying ink cartridges to retail & trade alike and have developed inks that we think are just brilliant!

No leaks, No blockages, No Lines - just simple easy printing.

All Our Ink cartridges have passed the ISO 9001 and CE certification successfully. At eSunrise our passion is provide the best customer service & therefore we provide a no quibble guarantee should you have any problems. If you are unsure which cartridges you need, simply use the live chat to ask us.

We recommend doing a head clean on your printer from the settings menu after inserting our cartridges to get the best results.

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