TRAXDATA WHITE FF PRINTABLE CD-R 700MB 80MIN 52X (50PACK) - computer accessories wholesale uk


  • £7.50

Traxdata discs are well known and have been used by millions of people all over Europe.Manufactured by Ritek, this is one of the most popular and reliable discs on the market. The inkjet printable surface of these discs enables you to add your own designs with affordable machines such as the Epson R220 and R265 inkjet printers. The full-face printable surface allows you to print right up to the centre hub of the disc, producing extremely professional results.


  • Traxdata 52x speed full-face white inkjet printable.
  • This disc will print all the way to the centre hole.
  • Ritek Dye


  • Format: CD-R
  • Surface: White Inkjet Printable ( Full Face )
  • Write Speed: 52x (1-52x)
  • Capacity: 700MB (80-minute audio)
  • Manufacturer ID: Ritek Co.
  • Packaging: 50 Plastic Shrink Pack

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